My Art

Mixed MediaΒ 


I enjoy mixed media work and it is probably one my fave ways to create. Most times I will use stretched canvas as my base and build up from there. I love just flowing with whatever I have at my fingertips, from book pages, scrapbooking paper, glues, glitters and all sorts of paints. I love how it all comes together and finds its own home in the work. Its fun and a little naughty not following any set rules and just going with flow of the rip in the paper.


Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas

I’m enjoying getting back to working on canvases. Space has been a tad limited over the last couple of years, so it’s all been smaller pieces of work, but it’s fun stretching out again and taking a bit longer on a piece. Works the brain a bit harder lol.Β 


Needle Felting

My newest love… Felting….The fact that one can create with their bare hands something from a ball of fluff is such a mind blowing process! I enjoy both wet felting and needle felting. From art sculptures to toys and clothes, it’s incredible what can be made from wool fleece. Below is a collection of some of the items I’ve created so far and actually remembered to get photos of lol

Graphic Design


My work isn’t exactly your typical graphic design work with correct spacing and fonts to the recommended size, (I got bored and dropped out of my Graphic Design course) I AM me, I AM my own crazy quirky self and I just simply go with what flows and feels right for me and my association of the person I’m creating for and the piece of art they are wanting.

I see each piece as art, as a creative expression of the particular person and what they are wanting to advertise. I prefer to work with alternative people and businesses, I’m drawn to all things mystical and magical. If you are wanting perfect, proper, work that will blend in perfectly with every other logo out there then I’m not gunna be the person you are chasing.πŸ˜‰ xo